Justice of São Paulo will try case of CCP drug dealer’s sister accused of laundering money with Bitcoin

After a legal battle, STJ decided that the State Court will judge the money laundering that would be linked to the CCP

The Superior Court of Justice decided that the Justice of São Paulo will be responsible for judging the case of the sister of a member of the criminal faction Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) accused of laundering money with Bitcoin Storm and the story was published by LiveCoins.

According to the decision, published on Monday in the Official Gazette of Justice and signed by Justice Felix Fischer, the crimes of which the defendant is accused must be tried by the State Courts.

In the eyes of the police”: PCC boss used Bitcoin and Brazilian exchange to launder drug trafficking money

The investigation was opened by the Civil Police of Campinas (SP), which after concluding the investigation sent the case to the State Justice. The latter, however, claimed that the case would fall under federal jurisdiction, since they were crimes against the national financial system and the popular economy. The imbroglio was only solved by the STJ with this Monday’s decision.

The sister of the PCC member trafficker would have opened a company to raise money and invest in Bitcoin and other cryptomoedas, in order to hide the funds coming from drug trafficking.

Justice Felix Fischer based the decision on Precedent 498 of the Supreme Court, thus deciding that “it is up to the Justice of the States, in both instances, to prosecute and judge the crimes against the popular economy.

The magistrate also argued that crimes of this type should only be judged by the Federal Court when there is clear damage to goods, services or interests of the Union. According to him, this is not the case in question:

“In the absence of evidence, for the time being, of the practice of a crime of federal competence, the inquisitive procedure must continue in the State Justice, in order to investigate the practice of other illicit acts, including larceny and crime against the popular economy”.

As reported by Cointelegraph Brasil, in August the São Paulo Civil Police began investigating whether the CCP was using an exchange of cryptomites to launder its criminal funds.

30. September 2020